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Entertain your family and friends with a new gadget! Face Beauty Rank will rank the beauty of a human face automatically based on a single facial photograph. Hours of entertainment are guaranteed when you score your own and your friends' faces against modern celebrities! Dating online? Let Face Beauty Rank help you decide on your new date! Rank human faces objectively and automatically with a computer program to help you make a decision. Selecting the best picture of yourself out of a bunch of photos? Let Face Beauty Rank help you rank the beauty of every picture in your possession! Picking the best image will make you look good and will certainly help you make a better impression. Developing a dating Web site? Face Beauty Rank will help your visitors rank their photos objectively. By automatically selecting the best pictures of the uploaded bunch, you'll help your visitors find their perfect match! How does this actually work? Can a computer really evaluate a human's beauty? The answer is based on the theory of proportions and the golden section. The ancient Greeks were the first to invent the golden section as an aesthetic canon, a characteristic of artistic perfection of beauty. Harmony based on the golden section ascends to the principles of ancient Greek art. The beauty analysis in Face Beauty Rank assigns its ratings based on the golden section. The facial features on a photograph are matched by the computer with the golden section to consider their attractiveness. The mathematical algorithms are linked to the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras. Pythagoras was the first to attempt to express the essence of human beauty in numbers. Judging the harmony of proportions mathematically, the golden section had become an arbiter of human beauty for centuries.

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